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Maroon Ian Schwartz frame!

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Click on the photo above to get a sneak peak at the latest Ian Schwartz limited color!  This is the first frame with built in pivotal post!  Not only do you get that, but you get Sunday 8mm hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners, Wave downtube to prevent most dents, Director style wishbone and Odyssey’s 10 year old 41Thermal Heat Treating process along with a host of other features.  Maroon is currently available in most places, but if you don’t see it then ask your local shop to call Blackout, QBP, Custom or SBS to get their hands on one.  This photo was taken on Ian’s dad’s farm which Ian works on a few times a week.

Funday Explained!

Vital did a BMX Gear Guide video about the features of Aaron Ross‘s Funday frame.  I did all the speaking because Aaron is off in Thailand filming for a Props trip article there.  He’s fighting the heat, dehydration and a severe lack of sleep.  Did anyone see Aaron on the Blackout trip in the latest Props?  Super good!

This is cool!


Brian Banghart was one of the first people to get a Sunday frame when it was first made available in the late spring of 2006.  He pre-booked it right from the Sunday shop and had it shipped directly from Blackout all the way out to Colorado.  Here are some photos of his bike still running today over two and half years since he first put it together.  I think this is good testimony towards the strength and durability of Sunday frames.  Can’t imagine a lot of the frames out there lasting this long.  Check out more photos below to see Brian not taking it easy on this frame.

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New Sunday Shirts Available Now!

New Sunday Shirts!

Just as the title says, all of our latest Sunday T-shirts are in stock and completely available. If your shop doesn’t have any then make them call Blackout, QBP or SBS! Be on the lookout for more unique softgoods from us coming soon!