New Broadcaster Bars!

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The new Broadcaster Bars are now available. These follow in the steps of the Freeze stems, Sabretooth sprockets and the Broadcaster frame by offering a strong, modern product with an affordable price tag. They measure in at an 8.9″ rise which happens to be the tallest bar we offer.  Find the bars HERE. Dealers please contact Full Factory Distribution.

Broadcaster Bar Specs

Rise:  8.9″
Width:  28.5″
Backsweep: 12˚
Upsweep:  1˚
Weight:  37 ounces
Features:  Straight gauge tubing with butted crossbar, heat-treated
MSRP:  $57.99 (USA)

Sunday Morning 2.1 forks in Chrome!

The only time we’ve ever done chrome Morning 2.1 forks was on the 2011 SIG complete bikes, but now we are selling them separately.  The same proven and trusted Sunday for that you’ve come to know.  Available right now in the USA through Full Factory Distribution and international through select distributors. Look HERE for your country.  As always, Sunday Morning 2.1 forks use 41Thermal heat-treating which is backed by a lifetime warranty.

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Tall T Bars now available!

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Check out our newest bar called the Tall T, which at 8.7″ rise, makes this is our tallest bar to date.  The rest of the specs go like this-28.5″ width, 12 degrees backsweep, 4 degrees upsweep and weighing in at just over 2lbs.  For these bars, we use multiple butted tubing with thicker walls at the bends for a stronger and stiffer bar.  And as always, Sunday bars are 41-Thermal heat-treating, so you know they are super tough.  They are available in Black Magic, purple, watermelon green, white and chrome!  Get them now because they won’t last long.

Tall-T Bars!

The completes kicked off a great start to 2010 for us here at Sunday and it doesn’t stop with them.  Introducing our newest bar called the Tall T.  There was a sneak shot way back, but here’s the info.  It is our tallest bar at 8.7 inches with 12 degrees backsweep and 4 degrees upsweep and weighing in at a little over 2 lbs or 936 grams.  Notice the stickers on the bar ends have lines that act as cutting guides.  Look for Tall T’s in Black Magic, white, watermelon green, purple and reintroducing chrome.  They should be available by the beginning of May.  More coming soon!