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TJ Henderson


TJ Henderson and friends took a BMX trip to Northern Michigan for an article featured on Defgrip.  Be careful when you follow this LINK because it will make you miss summertime.  It will also remind you of all the good times you had riding bikes with your friends.  The trip looks like it was a blast.

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2014 Complete Bike Preview

Sunday 2014 Complete Bikes Preview

Sunday Complete Bikes are always something to look forward to and 2014 is no different.  Just click on the above image or follow this LINK to check out what we have in store for 2014.  The bikes should be available in various places starting in early September.

Music with Jake Seeley

Judging by Jake Seeley’s choice of t-shirt size, you might think he is only into hip hop, but you would be wrong. Go to Defgrip to read about some of Jake’s favorite albums.  I bet you would be surprised.  Check after the break to see Jake’s latest video and his Broadcaster BMX bike.

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2013 Completes Preview on Defgrip

Defgrip is now previewing our new 2013 Complete Bikes.  Aaron Ross and Gary Young have full lines while Eric Lichtenberger, Jake Seeley, Garrett Reeves and Alex Magallan all have their own signature bikes.  The new 16″ Lil Spark is scaled down exactly from a 20″ just like we did for the 24″ BMX with the Model C just the other way.  The new Soundwave frame is available first as the Soundwave Special.  Just follow this LINK to see them.  Choose Wisely!

Little Model C

Yup,  Model C finger bikes will be on store shelves very soon.  These are actually scaled up and not the same size as a normal “20 inch” finger bike. Pretty funny!  Have you checked out the sneak peek of the new 2012 Model C complete bike yet?  If not then check it out right HERE.

Sunday 2012 Sneak Peek on Defgrip!


Head over to Defgrip to check out an exclusive sneak peak of the new 2012 Sunday completes.  These bikes will be available at bike shops and mail orders world wide at the end of September.  Full specs and additional info on the Sunday 2012 completes will be available right here on the Sunday site very soon.

Alex Magallan
Defgrip re-up

This video came out awhile back, but it’s pure Alex Magallan.  He gives us his take on a bunch of Austin spots in this video featured on Defgrip and edited by Mike Mastroni.