Alex Magallan in the woods

Summer is here and trails everywhere are coming to life.  Looks like trails in Nashville are coming together nicely.  Alex Magallan lookback as seen through the lens of Derek Derose.

Toboggans with Alex

Alex Magallan doing it once again.  Bunnyhop 180 toboggan over the pylon.  You’ve gotta have some quick hands to do this one.  Photo Derek Derose.

Alex Magallan Turndown photo

Let’s start 2013 off right with this badass turndown by Alex Magallan. This is how it’s done on a quarterpipe.  Fully clicked and the front wheel is further out from the coping than the back wheel.   Photo Derek Derose at Sixth Aveune Skatepark in Nashville.  Check out Alex’s signature EX complete bike after the break.

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Alex Magallan gap t-bog

Here’s another gem from Alex Magallan and Derek Derose.  Alex with the rail hop t-bog in Pleasantville while Derek Derose snaps the shot.  Check out Alex’s brand new signature 2013 EX complete bike in Fast Black and chrome after the break.

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Alex Magallan Tree Video

Alex Magallan just got added to the Tree team!  Go watch his introduction video right HERE.  In other Alex news, the Alex Magallan EX complete bike will be available in just over 3.5 weeks.  Take a look at it after the break.  Congrats Alex!  Photo Derek Derose

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Alex Magallan photo

Alex Magallan teamed up with Derek Derose to shoot this table photo at Derek’s trail spot.  Looks like a fun jump.

Alex Magallan photo

Alex Magallan comes through with the toboggan fakie on his Forecaster while Derek Derose snaps the photo.  Good combination if you ask me.  Did you see that Alex got added to the Dan’s Comp flow team?  Well he did, so congrats to him.

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Alex Magallan photo

Alex Magallan is healing up nicely from his broken arm that he suffered on his birthday in mid August.  Here’s a photo pre-broken arm of him blasting the bowl transfer at the Nashville Skatepark.  Photo Derek Derose.

Alex Magallan Wall Blast

Alex Magallan is recovering nicely from his broken arm.  Nicely enough to send me this photo of him wallriding one of the first spots I ever rode with him at.  As usual, high wallride done with style.  Alex should be back riding in just a few more weeks.  Photo Derek Derose.