Duffs trip with Alex and Jake

Jake Seeley and Alex Magallan went on a Duffs trip to Houston that was recently covered in Ride UK. They said they had a lot of fun searching for spots around the city. Both have some wild moves in here, so check out the edit from their trip found on ESPN.

Alex and Jake in Ride UK 150

Alex Magallan and Jake Seeley have some really good photos in the Duffs trip article in Ride UK Issue 150.  Alex has this table of contents photo as well as a classic, big switch curved ledge manual and Jake disturbs a funeral with some wallrides.  Can’t wait for this video to come out!

Jake Seeley Talks Videos!

Jake Seeley

Jake Seeley answers questions about his favorite videos in a mini interview on the Ride BMX site.  Jeff Z asks the questions and shoots the photos which are from the Swine Flu Tour.  He’s been on a tear lately, his Sunday/Duffs edit that dropped the other day was amazing.  See that again HERE.

Jake Seeley Sunday/Duffs edit!

Jake Seeley coming at you with some good stuff.  This is one of those edits where you completely miss one trick because the next trick is so good and the one after that is even better.  I think I watched this 5 times in a row just to catch all the tricks.  Jake’s down in Austin right now filming, riding and going to dubstep shows.  He’s currently riding the raw Aaron Ross Funday EX complete bike because “it feels so good”.  Look for an edit of that soon!  This video filmed by a bunch of people and edited by Mike Mastroni.

Alex M’s Duff Edit

Alex Magallan kills it on any terrain. He has a unique view and can come up with things to do when everyone else has already loaded there bikes up in the car. Above is his Duffs skatepark edit. So good!