Up Up and Away:
Scrap Footage!

Up Up and Away premieres are happening all over the place this weekend! There’s a good chance you’ll be able to find one near you! In the mean time, here’s a little edit of some scrap footage that didn’t make it into the DVD!

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Ian Schwartz discusses Up Up and Away!

Ian Schwartz is one of the more unique riders in BMX today.  And I’m sure after you see his video part in the upcoming Sunday video Up, Up and Away, you’ll agree with me.  As a teaser I did a simple interview where he discusses the trials and tribulations of traveling, filming and making his upcoming section, this is the first of a two part interview.  Look for interviews with the rest of the team along with other random tid bits over the course of the next few weeks.

Up Up and Away!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is!  This the trailer for our first video entitled Up, Up and Away! Filmed and edited by Chad Shackelford with filming help from Bill Bottriell.  The video will feature riding by Aaron Ross, Ian Schwartz, Kurt Rasmusson, Alex Magallan, Mike Taylor, Jake Seeley, Joe Cox, Lee Dennis, Eric Lichtenberger, Jim Cielencki and Stephen Savage.   Look for it in stores by the end of April!