Dizz Hicks on a Funday!

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Have you ever heard the line in the Tupac song Old School where the chorus says “I wouldn’t be here today if the old school didn’t pave the way?”  This is so fitting for this situation.  John “Dizz” Hicks rode for CW back in the 80’s and had his own unique look and style.  He’s been the subject of Ryan Humphrey‘s art show Fast Forward.  From the wedge ramp mastering to the heavy metal hair, he easily stood out in the magazines and everyone’s memories today.  I can’t imagine BMX in the 80’s without him and I can guarantee others feel the same way.  So this is sort of my way of repaying one of the guys that paved my way into BMX and made me think of it in a completely different way.  I am psyched to have Dizz riding a Funday.  All photos by Brian Barnhart.