Aaron’s (iPhone) Video Bike Check

Two video posts in one day?! The new iPhone has video capabilities now and we decided to play around with it. While visiting Austin, we used it to film a bike check with Aaron Ross and his new Fluorange Funday!

If you want to download the original .MOV version, click here.

Aaron Ross bike check!


Aaron Ross has a bike check up over at the Dig site.  This is actually his old bike because he is riding the new Fluorange colorway, but I have yet to get any pictures.  Look for those really soon!  Either way both the Ocean Blue(seen here) and the Fluorange are available now.  I’ll have a Sunday Friends Fluorange Funday bike check up tomorrow.

Aaron Ross update!


Aaron Ross has a Top 5’s over at ESPN.  It’s pretty good and I was surprised to find out how many injuries he’s had from trampolines!  In other Aaron news, his Fluorange Funday frames are on their way to shops as we speak.  Also, he is currently on the Etnies Tour, I believe they are at Ollie’s Skatepark around Cincinnati today.