Alex Magallan blasting!

The weekend is about to start, so let’s get it started right with Alex Magallan caught mid flight during Megatour 10.  Photo Francis Delapena.

Garrett’s too good

Garrett Reeves update!  He’s recovering nicely from knee surgery and is on track to be healthy in the next few months.  Here he is squeezing through this tight spot while spinning his bars during the filming of our Megatour 10 adventure.  Photo Francis Delapena.

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Under the Knife!

Garrett Reeves

Garrett Reeves is going under the knife today due to a pole jam tire slide gone wrong.  He tore his ACL a month or so ago and after some health insurance issues, he is finally getting his surgery.  He should be healed up by the end of the year, so everyone wish him a speedy recovery.  This photo while we were on Megatour 10 which just so happen to come available.  Photo Francis Delapena

Alex Magallan:
Emerald Video

What more can be said about Alex Magallan’s riding?  He kills it in this video! His riding is super fast and clean on all types of terrain. This video was filmed sporadically over a 2 year period by Chris Mahaffey and Francis Delapena. With how fast tricks evolve today, Alex’s riding is almost timeless.  Some clips were filmed in 2009, but are totally relevant today.  Enjoy!!!

Want more Alex footage?  Check out his BLVDLights video!

Swine Flu Tour:

Interbike this year was a lot of fun and so was the Sunday Swine Flu Trip we went on right after the show.  The trip took us from Las Vegas up to Salt Lake City and back.  Look for Jake Seeley, Alex Magallan, Eric Lichtenberger, Tom Arkus, Mike Gonzalez, Francis Delapena, Jeff Z and Jim C in this first installment of the series of 3 with the others coming in the next week or so.  All the sections combined will play like the format of a normal video with this first section being the opening.  After they’re all posted you’ll be able to download it all as one video.  Filmed by Tom Arkus and Francis Delapena with editing by Tom Arkus. Enjoy!