Sunday Friends:
Jimmy Madden

While Alex Magallan, Lee Dennis, Eric Lichtenberger and myself were in Toronto riding Ashbridges Skate Park, we got to meet Jimmy Madden who just so happens to own a Funday PRO that he bought from Bay Cycle in Pickering, Ontario.  Actually, we were leaving the park when he rolled in from the other side.  Let’s just say it was easy to spot the Funday PRO from far away.  Thanks Jimmy!  Nice to meet you!

Sunday Friends from Woodward East!

Here is Riley Scott‘s Funday PRO that he bought at Joe Momma’s Bike Shop in Ottawa, Ontario.  Riley’s been shredding at Woodward East for the past week.  In fact his bike was the first bike I saw as we rolled into Woodward East and it wasn’t due to the color either.  He’s a super nice kid and I’m psyched that he’s on a Sunday!  Thanks Riley!

Sunday Factory Test Pilots!

Sunday has taken some big steps in 2010, we introduced our Sunday Funday complete bike line.  The goal was to make the most complete completes that have functional modern geometry featuring low bb heights and a short 13.25″ rear end length.  This makes the bikes easily adaptable and rideable right out of the box.  Our Odyssey parts packages are nearly unbeatable especially with the good prices.  We asked Alex Magallan, Jake Seeley and Eric Lichtenberger to help us show that the bikes were easily adaptable and rideable right away.  Like we said, the most complete completes!

Sunday Completes Shipping again!

Do you remember this photo of Aaron Ross tailwhip 180ing the handicap rail at the Simpel Session contest a few years ago?  It’s sort of hard to see, but doesn’t it look like he’s riding a bike similar to the Funday Pro complete bike that is shipping to mail orders and shops as we speak!  Yeah, that’s right we got another shipment of Sunday completes in the other day.  So, give your favorite mail order or shop a call about them.  If your shop doesn’t carry them then tell them to call Full Factory Distro and get set up!  Be warned they will go just as quick as the last shipment!  Don’t wait!

Completes are in the US!

Sunday Completes are now in the US and will be shipping soon! Hit up the shops and mail orders if you’re looking for a new ride. If you want your local shop to start carrying Sundays, tell them to hit up our exclusive US distributor, Full Factory.

As far as weights go, here’s the break down:
Funday AM = 26.47lbs
Funday EX = 25.61lbs
Funday PRO = 25.26lbs
Model C = 28.43lbs

Sunday Completes in Australia!

Australia is the first country to get the Sunday completes in the world!  Here’s a photo of them coming off the truck at BMX International.  They arrived a day or so ago and are quickly flying off store floors!  There’s been great response to all the bikes especially the Funday PRO!  Can’t wait to here people’s thoughts on the Model C complete.  We are really happy with how all the bikes have come out!  Don’t worry they will be arriving in other parts of the world really soon!

Funday PRO testing!

On Saturday, I went down to Austin to check out some of the Sunday complete samples that had arrived at the office.  The day went smoothly, but then everyone wanted to go to Ramp Ranch to ride.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my bike due to it being a short trip.  Well, since I’m really excited about the new bikes especially the Funday PRO, I decided to just ride that bike at the skatepark.  I’ll be honest and say that I felt shaky at first, due to it having different bars than I’m use to, plus, the small 13.25 inch rear end was something I had never ridden before.  But after a ninja drop, everything started to work for me.  Nothing crazy went down, but we did get the clip above.  Check out the other one after the jump.  Not bad for a $655 bike!  Look for Sunday completes available at the end of February!

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Funday PRO Complete!

Funday PRO

Here’s the photo of the Funday PRO complete bike!  Looks like a bike Aaron Ross would ride, right?  There’s so many Odyssey parts on this bike it’s nuts!  From Twombolts to Aaron Ross Grips!  This might be one of the best parts packages on a $655 complete bike ever!  Check this LINK to see all the specs!

Complete Bikes:
Product Specs!

Complete Specs!

Our 2010 complete bikes product specs are online now! We’ll have detail shots coming in the following weeks, along with the unveiling of our Funday PRO complete. In the mean time, click here to learn more about our whole complete line!

Sunday Complete Disclosure!


ESPN had me answer some really good questions about the upcoming 2010 Sunday Complete Bike line which is scheduled to be in shops next April.  We will be offering 3 different Funday 20″ models along with a complete version of our 24″ Model C.  Look for a more thorough description of the whole line on our site in the next week or so.  In the interview, I talk about the Funday PRO bike which is not shown in the above pictures.  You’ll see it next week!  Tell your shop to check these out too!