Garrett Reeves Ice Green

Have you guys been to the GSport BMX site to check out the new Garrett Reeves signature Ice Green colorway?  If not then check it out HERE.  The big question is will you see Sunday parts in the same color?  Only time will tell.

Garrett Wallpaper

G-Sport just posted a Garrett Reeves wallpaper for you to download.  As always Garrett is going something you wouldn’t think of doing.  Hop over the rail into the pole jam.  Get the wallpaper HERE.

Alexander Rudenko video!!!

Well this is a good way to start the weekend off.  Straight from our Ukrainian distributor, Velomarket, we have Sunday, Odyssey and GSport rider, Alexander Rudenko completely shredding in this video.  It’s filmed very well and Alexander has some really good moves in this.  Enjoy!  Have a good weekend!

Aaron Ross Orange Soda now available!

He topped himself again!  Aaron Ross’ latest unique colorway inspired by orange soda is now available!  Aaron’s signature Funday frame, Sunday Morning 2.1 forks and both Tall T and Victory bars can now be found at your local shop or mail order.  The best thing is that you’ll be able to recreate Aaron’s bike so easily because Odyssey and GSport are offering their products in orange as well.  To see Aaron’s personal bike then check out this LINK. This bike is amazing!

Check out Aaron riding his orange soda Funday in his latest video right HERE.

Garrett Reeves on GSport!

Garrett Reeves is easily one of the toughest guys on wheels, so it’s very fitting that he is the newest member of the G-Sport team.  He might now be on of the toughest bikes in BMX.  Big congratulations go out to Garrett for his new sponsor!

Joe Cox Random photo!


Joe Cox sent me over this random photo sequence of him in Barcelona!  Feeble grind to gap down the stairs!  Looks like an awesome set up!  Just think if he had GSport Plegs on his bike! The weather is starting to break in Sheffield like it is here, so expect more stuff from him in the future!