Happy Birthday Cory Foust!

Cory House Park

Cory Foust can blast really high airs and wreck shop on a pool table.  He also just so happens to be celebrating his birthday today!  You know he’s celebrating by beating people in pool at Side Bar in Austin.  Have a good one Cory!  Photo Rick Crossman.

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Alex Magallan out!

Alex Magallan had a bout of birthday bad luck this weekend and broke his arm riding his local trail spot.  His birthday was last Saturday, so to celebrate he put a new bike together and took it to the trails.  Unfortunately, a roller got the best of him.  He should be healed up and on his bike in about 6 weeks. Happy belated birthday and heal up quick Alex!


Sunday turns 6 years old today!

That’s right, Sunday turns 6 years old today!  Sunday was announced on a sunny April Fools Day back in 2005.  It has been such an amazing 6 years.  I would like to thank everyone for their kind words, interest and support over this time.  Also, I want to thank the team, past and present.  You guys have made it a lot of fun and have made Sunday what it is today.  Hopefully, there is another 6 years in our future.  Thank you!

Happy Birthday!


That’s right Sunday turns 4 years old today!  We started on April 1st, 2005!  At first everyone thought it was an April Fool’s joke and it was difficult to convince people otherwise.  It probably took like 10 days for everyone to understand that I had left Kink and started my own brand.  We introduced forks and bars the first few months then we had prototype frames by the fall.  Its been a great 4 years with so many memories, I can’t wait to see what the next 4 are like!