Tom Arkus Weekend!

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Tom Arkus spent a fun weekend at Ray’s MTB in Cleveland over the weekend.  The weather turned up to be really good so he was able to hit up some trails too! If you haven’t been to Ray’s this year then you’ll need to go soon!  The new jump room is a lot of fun and the transfer lines are unique and amazing!  All the trail photos are shot by Jason Willis and all the indoor Ray’s shots are by Lukas Satas.

4th of July Pool Party

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Tom Arkus sent me a whole bunch of photos from him riding some pools with Brian Yeagle, Moris and Jason Willis.  Here is what he had to say:

There is probably no better way to spend 4th of July with your homies riding 3 different pools in one day. I’ve known about the pools for a while now but never got the chance to go check them out cause i had no idea where they were. 5 phone calls later we are riding them… The first pools were massive with some nice tranny’s to banks very fun to ride. One of the pools was 12ft deep, you are able to roast the crap out of that one but the water put a damper on that this time around. The pool at the foreclosed house was sick! It had the feeling that you were out in the woods and you just stumbled upon a tight tranny pool. The thing probably had 6 inch’s of tranny but it was laid back so it felt awesome carving it like a berm. Dropping in was a big deal but we got it done in the deep end. Look forward to seeing some footage very soon… Thanks to Moris for showing us around. Shout out to Yeagle for going on the mission. Thanks to Jason Willis for the sweet photographs.