Mega Model-C?

Check this out!  Jim Bauer jumping the new Woodward Mega Ramp on his Model C!  I do believe this is a first for a Model C.  From my experience, I would rather jump that far on a 24″ than a 20″ due to it being way more stable.  The cool thing about this set up is that you can test jump it by jumping increments at a time.  Actually jumping 25ft as a test jump would be really scary!  So sick!  Nice work Jim!  And nice work Jeff Z who shot this photo!

Jim Bauer’s 3rd Wave

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As the art director for Odyssey, Jim Bauer has been know for some unique paint jobs on his bike including the Pink Bike, Tile Bike, Lightning Bolt Bike, Shiny Red, Stunt Machine and Model C.  This is Jim’s new Third Wave in a stock color, but with not so stock parts.  There are 4 non-stock parts on his bike, can anyone tell me what they are?  Learn how to do a unique paint job on your bike with Jim Bauer on the Daily Habit.  Also, check out one of his first bike checks and notice the stem cover?

Sunday Friends:
James Perry!

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It’s been awhile since we’ve done a Sunday Friends, so why not return with a banger!  James Perry from Esteven, Saskatchewan Canada showing that he might be a Sunday Super Friend instead of just a Sunday Friend.  Ian Schwartz frame painted in a similar style to Jim Bauer’s Tile bike.  And then he painted his room in a very Sunday way.  My day was made when I received these photos!  Thanks James for the support!

Model C action!

Jim Bauer's Model-C

A few posts back, we showed some photos of some Model C and Model D prototypes that arrived at the office.  Jim Bauer is one of the lucky ones who gets to build one up.  Here’s two photos of him riding at the DVS warehouse a last night.  One and Two.  I’m sure with Jim on one of these things, there are a lot more wild photos to come.  Will we see another Death Gap?  Think I’ll just settle for this!  If you are into bikes like the Model C then go check out Cruiser Revolution for more info.