Saying Goodbye!


So The Come Up leaked this info awhile ago and I’ll confirm it now.  Karl Poynter has decided to leave the Sunday team.  I’ve been a fan of Karl’s unique view on riding ever since he was that 13 year old kid at the Four Seasons contest in Milwaukee back in 2001.  This explains why he was selected to be one of the first guys on Sunday when it was started almost 4 years ago.  Its been a great 4 years and I’m definitely going to miss him.  Wish you luck Karl!  Check out Karl’s words about moving on from the team after the jump.

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Karl Poynter Bike Check!


Ok, so its been awhile since our last bike check.  Click on HERE to go over to the RideBMX site to check out Karl Poynter‘s complete bike check.  They took a million photos so you’ll be able to get a look at his signature colorway.  Its more red than our current warm red and it fades to black.  His colorway is available now and is very limited.  Check out the photo above to see a front view of the frame and look for more photos down below.

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Doin’ Thangs! Karl Poynter

Here’s an interesting insight into Sunday team rider Karl Poynter, I bet you didn’t know he is a “killer”?  Watch the video above to find out who he “kills” and go over to ESPN‘s site to read more of an interview with him.

Jake and Karl in Mega Tour 8!

Jake Seeley

Jake Seeley: Icepick to 180

Check out this photo of Jake Seeley doing a bleacher ice to 180 from Mega Tour 8! Jake wasn’t the only Sunday rider on the tour, Karl Poynter went on it also. Karl went with QBP and Jake went for The Come Up. In fact, if you want to buy the video which released December 15th, you could even go to The Come Up and buy it there! Photo shot by Keith Romanowski. To see more check out his website/flickr.

Karl Poynter’s New Shop Site!

Hardcore Sportz

Go over to Karl Poynter’s shop website at and check out there new layout. The blog section is really good with some new content that isn’t seen on every site. As well as a whole new shop section that allows you to order anything you need. Look for Karl’s new Second Wave colorway coming early spring!

Off to Trick or Treat Jam!

Loading up the van.

Yep, we are leaving for Rochester in a little bit to go to the Red Bull Trick or Treat Jam at the old armory on Main St. Karl Poynter, Kevin Porter, Lil’ Anthony and myself are heading out to meet back up with Jeff Z and Aaron Ross. None of us have jumped a coffin or rode a Hearse before so this should be fun. Oh and Reez set up a fog machine too! Not sure if its a legal fog though! Haha! See you there!

Karl Poynter Second Wave!

Karl Poynter's 2nd Wave

Check out Karl Poynter‘s new colorway. We took a Sunday Second Wave frame with all the super good features and let Karl come up with his own paint job. What he did was use a coral red just around the top tube/seat tube junction and have the rest of the frame be Black Magic. Then we played off his name sort of by using arrows for the decals. Look for this early next year.

Check out more photos of the frame in the products page (under the 2nd Wave frame).

Karl Poynter new bike photos!

Karl Poynter's black Sunday

Karl Poynter

Sunday has gone black! Here is a photo of Karl Poynter’s new set up. He’s been riding the same blue prototype set up for quite awhile, so we got him one of the Black Magic frames to try something different.

The funny thing is Sunday went from all wild colors to now all black. On the UK trip we just finished up, everyone was riding a black frame except for Aaron Ross’s Funday frame. Thought it was ironic, but its real good to know that we can change it up and the product is still the same. Look for Karl Poynter colorway soon!