Erik Elstran’s Team Dilly part

This is Erik Elstran’s section in the Team Dilly video Team Dilly is the Man. How man good moves does Erik have in this part? The last trick is insane and it’s all done with a casual laughter. He’s easily in Top 3 of the most creative riders in BMX. Check out some more Erik videos after the break.
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Seth Peterson Video!

Check out this new Seth Peterson edit which was filmed last summer in between his injuries.  He has an interesting mix of tricks that range from unique tricks that most people don’t do all the way up to tech bangers.  You’ll be able to notice this in this edit.  I’m a big fan of the last trick because I can’t do it out of a wedge.  Nice work Seth!  Can’t wait to see more!  Filmed and edited by Kyle Stark.

Reed Stark edit!

Reed Stark has been on the Sunday flow program since the beginning of the year.  When he’s not tearing it up on the basketball courts, he’s out riding and filming edits like the one above which was filmed and edited by his brother Kyle Stark.  Reed’s part in Team Dilly‘s It Do was amazing!  Check it out HERE.

Seth Peterson Cruisin!

Well today I watched the Halo get done and now it’s Seth Peterson on the ESPN site doing the mile long line!  It’s not exactly one line, but it has a very spontaneous feel without too much restarting.  Kyle Stark gets a big thumbs up for this video! It’s a lot of work trying to follow with a camera.  Now if I can only find a video of someone doing a decade out of a wallride.