Tammy shredding!

Check out Tammy shredding in Coalition‘s Smoke and Mirrors video!  The toothpick grind he does is amazing!  Super good stuff in here!  He’s been dealing with some serious knee injuries over the past 1.5 years, so it’s really nice to see him killing it again!

Lil’ Tammy clips!

Lahsaan Kobza & tammy jane from tammy jane on Vimeo.

Lil’ Tammy has had some bad luck with knee injuries over the past year and a half, but he just had his last surgery.  He’s working hard on his physical therapy and should be good in 6 months.  He’s got a bunch of clips in the video from Kings Ride shop.  He was suppose to be taking it easy between surgeries, but I don’t think it’s possible for any BMXer to just take it easy.  Good luck with physical therapy Tammy!

Lil’ Tammy Video

Lil’ Tammy’s been getting flow from Sunday for a few months now. Every time I see footage of him which is all the time, it blows me away. Swear he’s just making it up as he goes. What is suppose to be difficult to everyone else is casual to him. Either way to see some rad footage watch the video above!

Frame: Second Wave
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1
Bars: Sunday Triumph
Tires: Odyssey Aitken
Wheel front: Odyssey Vandero
Wheel back: 10 tooth Gsport
Hub guard: Gsport plastic(kickass)
Pedals: Odyssey twisted plastic(kickass)
Sprocket: Odyssey Vermont 28 tooth
Cranks: Odyssey Wombolt 175
Seat: Odyssey jr
Seat post: Odyssey Intact
Seat clamp: Integral
Grips: Odyssey team
Stem: Odyssey Elementary
Chain: KMC
Headset: FSA
Pegs: Odyssey
Life:69 haha