Ian Schwartz testing his new color!

Ian Schwartz went out and filmed this huge half cab drop in Boston while we were on the Up, Up and Away video premiere trip in the northeast. He basically did it first try and without any worry. Then did it a second time to make it look even better. Ian’s frame was the FIRST frame with a built in Pivotal Post plus it has all the Sunday Second Wave frame features like super strong HOLLOW 8mm dropouts with built in chain tensioners, dent fighting Wave downtube, proven 41 Thermal Post Weld Heat Treating and Director Style wishbone just to mention a few.  He is riding the latest color Maroon, so now you can get it in that color along with white, post-it note yellow and Black Magic!

Maroon Ian Frame

Maroon Ian Frame

A while ago we posted a sneak peek of Ian’s new colorway for his signature frame. At the time, it was only available at select locations but now you can get it everywhere Sunday products are sold!

Sneak Peak:
Maroon Ian Schwartz frame!

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Click on the photo above to get a sneak peak at the latest Ian Schwartz limited color!  This is the first frame with built in pivotal post!  Not only do you get that, but you get Sunday 8mm hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners, Wave downtube to prevent most dents, Director style wishbone and Odyssey’s 10 year old 41Thermal Heat Treating process along with a host of other features.  Maroon is currently available in most places, but if you don’t see it then ask your local shop to call Blackout, QBP, Custom or SBS to get their hands on one.  This photo was taken on Ian’s dad’s farm which Ian works on a few times a week.