Garrett Soundwave Bike on Ride BMX

You know Garrett Reeves is tough on bikes, so we wanted him to test the upcoming Soundwave frame. As you can see by his bike check on Ride BMX, the frame has been put to the test.  Black Magic and Garrett’s signature Ice Green versions of the frame will be available in late August and the Soundwave Special complete bike available in early August.  Choose Wisely!

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Garrett Reeves’ Soundwave

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As you can see Garrett Reeves has been putting our upcoming Soundwave frame to the test.  Crankslides are not the friendliest to down tubes and top tubes which is why the new frame comes with Wave Tubing to protect from denting and cracking.  Throw in hollow dropouts with built in chain tensioners and 41 Thermal heat treating with a Lifetime Warranty and you have one of the strongest frame out there.  Look for the Soundwave to come in Garrett’s signature Ice Green color later this summer.

Garrett Reeves Soundwave Bike Check

Frame:  Sunday Soundwave signature Ice Green 21.25″
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1
Headset:  Odyssey
Stem:  Sunday Freeze
Bars:  Sunday Tall T
Grips:  Flatware Terry Adams
Cranks:  Odyssey Thunderbolts 175mm
Sprocket:  Odyssey MDS 30t
Chain:  Odyssey Blue Bird
Pedals:  Odyssey JC/PC (not fully shown)
Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim
Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post
Seat:  Odyssey prototype
Front Rim:  G-Sport Birdcage
Front Hub:  GSport Marmoset
Front Tire:  Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte
Rear Rim:  G-Sport Birdcage
Rear Hub:  G-Sport Ratchet 10t
Rear Tire:  Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte
Hubguard:  None
Levers:  None
Brakes:  None
Cables:  None
Pegs:  None
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Jake Seeley Broadcaster Bike Check

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Jake Seeley has been riding and testing out a new frame for us called the Broadcaster.  This bike works so well for him that we are giving him a signature colorway and maybe something else.  More information coming later, but for now check out all the detail shots of his bike.

Jake Seeley Broadcaster Parts List

Frame:  Sunday Broadcaster 20.75″
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1
Headset:  Odyssey
Stem:  Sunday Freeze
Bars:  Sunday Tall T
Grips:  Sunday Yell
Cranks:  Odyssey Thunderbolts 175mm
Sprocket:  Sunday Sabretooth 25t
Chain:  Odyssey Blue Bird
Pedals:  Odyssey Twisted PC
Seat Clamp:  Sunday Slim
Seat Post:  Sunday Toothy Post
Seat:  Odyssey Gary Young Principal
Front Rim:  Odyssey 7KA
Front Hub:  GSport Marmoset
Front Tire:  Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte
Rear Rim:  Odyssey 7KA
Rear Hub:  Odyssey V3
Rear Tire:  Odyssey Aitken K-Lyte
Hubguard:  BSD and Primo
Levers:  None
Brakes:  None
Cables:  None
Pegs:  Animal Butcher

Win Alex Magallan’s Sunday Kit!

That’s right you can win all the Sunday parts that Alex Magallan has on his bike by going over to Dan’s Comp!  You’ll have a chance to win a Black Magic Forecaster frame, chrome Tall T bars, chrome Morning 2.1 forks, Freeze stem, Sabretooth sprocket and Slim seat clamp. You’ll also win some shirts from the 2012 Spring Tshirt line, foam fingers and even some Ipath shoes.  Just follow this LINK and enter. Good luck!

Seth Peterson Bike Check

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Seth Peterson just built up this beautiful Orange Soda Funday frame with matching Morning 2.1 forks and Triumph XL bars.  His bike couldn’t look much better, so good.  Check after the break for a parts list and an interview about his bike set up.

Seth Peterson Funday Bike Check

Frame: Sunday Funday 21″ Orange Soda
Fork: Sunday Morning 2.1 Orange Soda
Headset: Odyssey integrated
Stem: Sunday Freeze
Bars: Sunday Triumph XL
Grips: Sunday Yell
Cranks: Odyssey Thunderbolts
Chain: Odyssey Bluebird
Sprocket: Sunday Sabretooth 25t
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Seat Post: Sunday Mr. Toothy post
Seat: Odyssey
Front Rim: GSport Birdcage
Front Hub: GSport Marmoset
Front Tire: Odyssey Aaron Ross 2.35
Rear Rim: GSport Birdcage
Rear Hub: Odyssey V3 9t
Rear Tire: Odyssey Path

Why did you pick the Funday frame to ride?
For the past few months I’ve been weighing the benefits of having a shorter chainstay and having more of my body weight over the rear axle. I justified it in my mind and it feels a lot better cruising around on it so far. Time will tell but I think the change is for the better.

How do you like the integrated chain tensioners?
It took me a little while to warm up to the idea, I haven’t used them in the past because my wheel doesn’t usually slip in the dropouts but it makes centering the wheel in the frame a whole lot easier and that a huge plus.

Your front wheel has all spokes laced inbound. What’s the reasoning behind that?
I personally don’t like the way hub guards look on a front wheel, I also don’t like the way my wheel looks with spokes broken out of it. I’ve been seeing more and more people lacing their wheels this way and have laced some up for my friends with good results and to be honest I have always like the way it looks and sometimes that’s reason enough.

Why did you pick your tire size?
For almost the entire time I’ve ridden I’ve had a slightly larger tire in front than back, I like the way it feels. I tried the big tires front and back and it just isn’t for me.

With the current trend of very wide bars, why did you choose to cut your bars down to 26″ wide?
I can’t think of any advantage I would have from running excessively wide bars, I never really had a problem controlling my bike when I had 22″ inch bars so I guess 26″ is just me settling into the trend.

How come you grinded the pins off of brand new plastic pedals?
I never really slip off of my pedals unless I’m doing something that involves taking my feet off anyways. I really hate cutting my shins and short pins make me feel invincible. I’ll trade a deep cut on the shin for slipping a foot once every few weeks any day.

Do you fear getting blinded by the high polished parts in the Texas Sun?
I’ve been planning on wearing sunglasses while I ride more often, that looks really cool. I think this is the motivation that I need.

You recently changed your gearing back to 25-9 from 28-9, why is that?
I rode 28-9 because I liked where it put my wheel, I can spin a 25-9 as fast as I need to and since I am changing up the geometry anyways I figured I’d switch back to an easier gear.

Anything else?
I am more psyched on this bike that I have been on any other new bike I have built, I can’t wait to ride it. Thanks!

Chris Burden over iced

Here’s a good photo of Atlanta flow guy Chris Burden making good use of giant block of sandstone.  It took a million years to make this rock and only a few moments for Chris to over ice the rock on his Third Wave.  Nice work Chris!