Alex Magallan in the woods

Summer is here and trails everywhere are coming to life.  Looks like trails in Nashville are coming together nicely.  Alex Magallan lookback as seen through the lens of Derek Derose.

Darlin’ Commit Me

I just can’t get enough of Alex Magallan’s riding.  Wish I could look half as good on my bike as Alex does in this video which is found on Last Ditch.  Alex takes us through the last few months of the summer, riding in and around Nashville.  Lots of street spots, trail clips and some fast lines through the skatepark.  Filmed by Derek Derose .  Anyone else anxious to see his Props Owned Section?

Alex Magallan blast from the past!

This probably hasn’t been seen by too many people, but this is Alex Magallan’s section from the Nashville scene video Nobody Special.  You can see why he ended up on Sunday.  Here is what Alex had to say about it.

Nobody special the first underground bmx video to really capture a bit of the Nashville Scene. This video was created by Chris Mahaffey a local to the Middle TN tribe.  I always thank Chris any chance I get.  Dude did alot for myself and a bunch of other guys around the area.  From helping people with frames and parts to traveling, filming and exposing some Nashville talent. After a couple deadlines, the video dropped during the summer of 2006.  My hair was long, jeans were skin
tight and was probably hounding some metalCore or savage LIFE.  Times were fun!  Thanks again Chris! Enjoyed!