Sunday Friends with Greg Cayzer

Now this is one of my favorite Sunday Friends.  Greg Cayzer coming through with this mint condition post it note yellow Ian Schwartz frame from 2008. This bike couldn’t look any more amazing.  Thanks Greg for sending in your bike photo.

Ian Schwartz Interview


Check out this interview that Ian Schwartz did with the Guardian’s San Francisco blog.  The interview discusses the whole skateboardes vs BMX thing and Ian’s perspective on that subject.   There’s a good collection of Ian videos from around the web all collected in this interview including a MOSH one that he was really psyched on.  The interview is from earlier last summer, but I bet very few people in the BMX world have seen it.  If you didn’t know, Ian’s moved out to San Francisco for the winter and maybe longer.  Check out his latest bike check here.

Jake Seeley Sno-Bike Check!

Jake Seeley's Bike Check

Jake Seeley sent me some photos of his latest build up, a post-it note yellow Ian Schwartz with warm red Forumph bars and Morning 2.1 forks as seen at Interbike. Not sure how well Jake can roll backwards or Luc-e grind in the snow, but his Sunday parts will not rust due to the Black Magic coating under the paint! This frame is available now with the warm red coming in soon! If you’re wondering about the sticker on his downtube, it’s the shop he works at called the Garden.

Ian Schwartz Yellow Check?

Ian Schwartz's Yellow Bike

Ian Schwartz sent me some photos of his Post-It Note Yellow signature frame remixed into this honey mustard/ketchup colorway. He seems to always have something interest going on with his setups and this is no exception. Look for more stuff from him out of San Francisco because he decided to stay there permanently or until he catches the farming bug again. Not only is this frame available now, but so are the matching Triumph bars and Morning 2.1 forks! Is there a fakie hill bomb coming too?

Eric L Bike Check and New Ian Color!

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Eric Lichtenberger stop by the office for a pair of pedals and ended up leaving with a new bike. We showed this 2009 Ian Schwartz which is the first frame to have a built in Pivotal Post as our display bike at Interbike and it looked so good that Eric decided he’d like to ride it as his own. To be honest this is my favorite color that Sunday has ever done. The color is basically Post-It Note yellow and we were suppose to do a color similar to this for the original Wave frames that came out 2 years ago. I know it says 2009 colorway, but it should be available at shops by the first week of November so be on the look out. More frame info coming soon!