New 18″ frame prototype photo

Photo Apr 04, 5 42 33 PM

If you’ve been living under a rock then you might not notice that there are so many young kids riding BMX these days.  Which is why did a sneak peek of our new 18 ” frame on BMX Groms, a site dedicated to younger BMX riders.  Want to be inspired by young BMX rippers then go to that site.

Let’s get back to the new frame. It is a full chromoly 18″ frame called the Radocaster.  It will have the same geometry as our Primer 18 complete bike and it will come with hollow dropouts and removable brake mounts.  There will also be a full chromoly 18″ fork as well. Look for the frame and fork to be available late summer/early fall.

Look for Saker Cranks to be offered in sizes for 18″ bikes by summer.

Here’s the geometry…

Radocaster Geometry

  • HEAD TUBE ANGLE: 74.5°
  • STANDOVER: 7.5”

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New Removable Brake Mounts Xplained!

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Here’s brief pictorial description of our new removable brake system that is available on the Third Wave, new Funday and Forecaster frames.  It is made up of 3 elements: Gyro tabs with screws, pressure fit cable guide and brake mounts.

  1. The gyro tabs are your standard removable gyro tab.
  2. The cable guide is really unique because it uses the cable’s tension to keep itself attached to the frame.  There’s a little tab welded in a channel that runs the length of the underside of the top tube.  The channel not only allows for a place to attach the cable guide, but acts to hide the brake cable too.  At the tab, the cable guide is installed from the front then the brake cable is installed like any normal braking system.  The tension created at the tab is enough to hold the whole system in place.  There’s no holes, no screws just a simple system.
  3. Starting this year, all Sunday frames will come with removable brake mounts.  Remember all Sunday mounts are angled which is a Sunday original.  It is possible to attach the mounts in 2 ways: A 10mm wrench flat on the outside or a 4mm allen slot on the inside of the mount.  Put them on or take them off, either way the mounts attach super simple and super clean.