Happy Birthday Cory Foust!

Cory House Park

Cory Foust can blast really high airs and wreck shop on a pool table.  He also just so happens to be celebrating his birthday today!  You know he’s celebrating by beating people in pool at Side Bar in Austin.  Have a good one Cory!  Photo Rick Crossman.

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Rick “Moto” Crossman

Our good friend, Rick Crossman, takes his Funday frame through some moto airs at the Falling Creek Skatepark in Bedford, VA.  Rick has been shooting photos for us, so check out some of his work HERE.

Garrett Reeves Nose wheelie

Garrett Reeves was in Austin recently and nose wheelied the big Hubba ledge at House Park.  He didn’t take the easy route by coming in from the side, but rather went straight over the top. So sick!  Luckily caught photo by Rick Crossman.

Check out Garrett’s recent Sunday ad right HERE.

Normal Activities?

Well, I’m officially allowed to return to normal activities according to my doctor. After a month and half of being off my bike fighting a Staph infection and then having surgery to remove a hematoma, I’m more than happy to be back.  Not sure my doctor understands what my typical “normal” activities are, but I’ll just take it easy anyway.  Tire slide photo by Rick Crossman.

Jim C cut open!

Looks like the staph infection I got recently is going bye bye today.  My doctor is cutting open my leg to drain a bunch of fluid that built up over the last month. I should be healed up in a week or two, so I can get back to some unfinished business at the spot above.  Instagram magic by Rick Crossman.

–Jim C