Behind The Photo
Gary Young

After the Baker bike commercial shoot, Krejmas and I brainstormed some Gary-esque spots in the area and this modified jersey barrier met the criteria. Clearly comfortable with the setup, Gary started putting two tires up top after only a few warmup grinds. Zach guessed that a deck manual would be the one and Gary confirmed. It being my first time shooting with him, I didn’t want to take too much time setting up so I used just one flash (Einstein 640 w/ 11” LTR about 9ft high @ 1/2 power). I liked framing him in front of the freeway offramp but cars kept cluttering the background. I was NOT about to ask Gary to wait until there were no cars back there!

Los Angeles, December 29th, 2020. 70-200mm lens @ 100mm, 1/250th @ f/14 ISO100. 

– Scott Marceau

Garrett Reeves Fat Favs!

Hop over to Fat BMX and check out Garrett Reeves Fat Favs!  Garrett has a really wild video part in the newest  V-Club video entitled For the Sake of the Video.  You can go HERE and order it!  I was really stoked on this video, check the trailer HERE.  Photo Scott Marceau.

Quick Clip:
Alex Magallan

Here’s Alex Magallan‘s handy work in this photo-sequence that’s been turned into a video clip by Scott Marceau.  Two hop overs, two double peg grinds and a manual in grass gives you another reason why Alex is such a shredder on a bike!  Check out more photos from Scott at his website