Alex Magallan owning

Word on the street is that Alex Magallan has been slaying some tricks that have been haunting Nashvillians for years.  He’s doing this for his upcoming Props Owned section that will be out later this year.  Get ready!  Photo Andrew White.

Australia as seen in Nano-vision!

Jake Seeley is the man begin the “lens” on this one.  Sunday tour of Australia filmed all with an Apple Ipod Nano, Jake is able to easily capture funny and random moments from the Sunday Australia tour from a month ago.  Not the greatest quality, but the content makes up for that.  The song is Rainer Maria‘s, Breakfast of Champions, which was previously used in PropsEuroscene video from 2000 filmed by Stew Johnson. This video is sort of an homage to Euroscene.  Check out our non-nano Australia video HERE.