Sunday! making kids fat!

Sundae Winner

Sunday Sundae

A few weeks ago, we had a contest on the site where we gave away an ice cream sundae similar to the one in Aaron Ross’s first Sunday ad. Here is what our winner Kyle Ruschell had to say about eating all that ice cream.

Heres some pictures. We had to go to Target to buy the big bowl for $5. It was 4 Everybody sizes, and it ended up being just over $30 haha. I got a 3 friends to help me with it, and we barely put a dent in it. It was 1/4 chocolate, 1/4 cookie batter, 1/4 cheesecake, and 1/4 mint ice creams. It was covered in chocolate sauce, m&ms, rainbow sprinkles, grahm cracker crumbs, and whipped cream. Its in my freezer right now, Ill finish it off someday. Thanks again Jim!

– Kyle