Sunday Friends:
Daniil’s Custom Wave C


Last week, we posted a Sunday Friends of Daniil Andreyevich’s Wave C frame which had custom artwork by Tori Madisyn.  Since then, Daniil has built up the frame into this amazing ride.  This might be the coolest 24″ BMX ever made?  Check below to see more images of his bike.

Need to get on a 24″ BMX?  Then check out the 2014 Model C right HERE.


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How wild is this custom Wave C?


This is our first Sunday Friends frame edition.  We’ve always been a brand for people who like to be creative, so it wasn’t a shock that Daniil Andreyevich painted his Wave C 24″ BMX this way.  Actually, he had artist, Tori Madisyn, give it this amazing paint job.  We aren’t even sure we would put this bike back together because it’s so rad looking.  Here’s a full side shot of the frame.


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Sunday Friends
John Mayo

We’ve always been really into showing the personal bikes of our fans. Usually it’s just a photo, but on occasion we get to post a video of someone riding a Sunday. Here is John Mayo killing it on his Sunday Soundwave. Filmed and edited by Sunday’s own Chris Childs.

Sunday Friends:
Darrell Kinney

Now this is one of the best Sunday Friends we’ve done in a while.  Check out Darrell Kinney’s brand new Ice Green Soundwave bike built up with his own custom colorway. This is a neat use of chrome, white and brown as accent colors with the Ice Green.  Great wheel set too!  Nice work Darrell!

Sunday Friends:
Aurelian Olteanu

Today’s Sunday Friends comes from Cologne, Germany and it features Aurelian Olteanu’s very awesome Model C.  This the original Model C frame that took some time to customize, but judging by the looks it is well worth the wait.  Great looking bike Aurelian!  Check after the break to see our latest Model C complete bike available right now.

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Sunday Friends:
Kevin Caouette

It’s been a bit since our last Sunday Friends, but Kevin Caouette comes through with a beauty here.  He’s added white tires, seat and grips to his 2012 Aaron Ross EX complete bike.  I’ve always been a fan of this colorway and this version is really good too.  Thanks Kevin!