Garrett Reeves

Garrett Reeves’ epic Summer 2012 video part was re-upped by TCU today. How great was the wallride pocket air and the wallride to air well above the top of the wallride? Too damn sick!

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Mark Burnett
Top East Coast Ams #2


Going through the list of the Top 12 East Coast Ams on TCU today, it seemed Mark Burnett would be in the list somewhere. ¬†So, it was a pleasant surprise to see him listed in the second spot. ¬†If you’ve seen him ride, it’s fairly obvious that he would be listed there. ¬†He has a full bag of tricks and seems to be adding to it really quickly. ¬†Expect big things from Mark in the near future. Watch Mark’s Welcome to Sunday below. Photo Walter Pieringer.

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Ian Schwartz Interview!

Ian Gone Fishin

Ian Schwartz has a really good interview on TCU.  He talks about his amazing Up, Up and Away video part, life and just his perspective on riding.  Go check it HERE!