Hello from Woodward West!

We’ve had a lack of updates lately mostly because we are doing Sunday week at Woodward West right now.  It’s been so much fun so far!  Everyone has been having fun riding the street stuff at the back of the Hanger.  Gary and Aaron shredded the dirt last night continuing a newly developing Sunday theme.  Above is Gary blasting the best hip at Woodward.  Today is the big day for us, we are heading over to ride Mega Ramp.  This will be an interesting day.  More updates soon.  For even more updates check out these Twitter links.

Sunday Bikes
Aaron Ross
Jim Cielencki
Gary Young
Jake Seeley
Eric Lichtenberger
Lee Dennis

Sunday Team on Twitter!


Twitter is taking over!  If you want to hear the ramblings and what not of most of the Sunday team then check out the links below.  Warning some are really good, some might be over the top and some might only be for adults.  So Twitter wisely!

Sunday Bikes @sundaybikes
Gary Young
Jake Seeley
Aaron Ross
Eric Lichtenberger
Jim Cielencki @jimcielencki
Garrett Reeves @GJReeves88
Tom Arkus @vinylbmx
Craig Passero @CraigPassero

Model C Randoms!

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A little while back, I received some random photos of Jim Bauer from Odyssey riding his Model C in a ditch that could be straight out of Wheels of Fire.  Most of you probably don’t know what that is, but if you had any connection to skating in the 80’s which most people did then you would know.  It happens to be my favorite skate video of all time.  Have you followed Odyssey on Twitter to see what they’re up too?

Jake Seeley on Twitter!

Jake Seeley

Want to hear what Jake Seeley is up to straight from his mouth?  Well then follow his Twitter page and see what his favorite flavor Gatorade is or find out what Dunks he’s putting his feet in now.  Hopefully he will get it figured out soon!

Aaron Ross on Twitter!


Hey if you are on Twitter then go check out Aaron Ross‘ new Twitter page.  You’ll be able to hear all sorts of random updates from him while he’s out on tour somewhere.  He’s got a lot planned so his updates should be really interesting!

Aaron Ross Wallpaper


Ride BMX has two Aaron Ross wallpapers up on their site. Go HERE to pick them up! In other Aaron news, he’s almost recovered from his ankle injury and to celebrate he is going to Thailand with Walter Peringer to film a Props trip story.  Hopefully he’ll be updating the Sunday Twitter page from there!