Danny Stanzl
Welcome to Sunday

Danny Stanzl has been on Sunday and Odyssey in the UK (through IMG) for a little while, but we haven’t had a full edit until now. Full of high speed and stylish lines this is something refreshing to see.  Expect to see Danny head down and peddling fast at anything in his way.

Filmed and edited by Robin Pearson all over the South of England.

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Grind BMX
Custom Freeze Stem Colors


How is this for awesome?  Grind BMX in London, UK customized our Freeze Topload Stem by painting them in 5 different colors.  They are selling them on their store, so click this LINK to see the other colors and get your hands on one.  There are only 30 made, so don’t be surprised if they go fast.  Thank you Grind BMX for doing these custom colors.



A Rare Orange Soda Find!

Look what we happened to find! One 2012 Orange Soda Aaron Ross PRO still for sale in the UK. If you’re looking to get it then contact Grind BMX right away to get this bike. It won’t last long, so follow this LINK to buy the bike.
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2012 Completes in the UK

Good news!  Our UK distro, IMG, sent me this photo of our new 2012 Complete Bikes at their warehouse.  Get ahold of your favorite bike shop to pick one up. They don’t carry Sunday?  Well, then just have them ring up IMG to become a dealer.

Tom Davis Summertime video!

Our UK team rider,Tom Davis, comes at you with one of the best feeling videos out right now. Great song, great riding and now I want to go ride my bike. Good job Tom!

Bonus Bikes in the UK!

Are you living in the UK and want one of the Sunday Bonus Bikes like this Alex Magallan/Maximum Destruction?  Well, here is the list of the select shops that have the bikes in stock right now!  Get them quick because each release is a one time deal.

Brighton BMX – 01273 686116
Crucial BMX – 0117 3079096
Custom Riders – 0870 3308460
Evans Cycles – 0870 1420116
Grind BMX – 01322 619822
Sibot BMX – 01384 841777
Winstanleys Bikes – 01942 707646
Fosters Cycles – 01709 371576

Tom Davis in Rotterdam!

Check out our UK team rider, Tom Davis shredding in Rotterdam!  Tom spent a few days there riding, filming and avoiding the rain.  Apparently he also avoided someone falling out of a building, I’ll need more info on that one.  I’ve heard good things about Rotterdam, so it seems like a trip is in order at some point in the future.

Tom’s been on a filming mission lately, here is his Train in Vain video from earlier this month.