John Bristol’s deep end 540

Check out this video of John Bristol spinning a 540 at the Donald Skatepark Pool Jam. He’s making that Warm Red 2nd Wave look really good!

Jim C Bike Check!


Check out this Warm Red Sunday Second Wave kit I built up recently.  It has 20.75 inch tube top length and the back wheel is run at 14 inches to provide me with a little extra comfort for bunnyhops and manuals.  I use Morning 2.1 forks and put Forumph bars on because the 4 degrees of upsweep feels better to me.  Click on the photo to see the full view and a bunch of closeups!  What do you think of the tires?  I’m way into them!

Sunday Friends!


Ok, so the Christmas Sunday bike check thing we’ve been doing is now turning into Sunday Friends. Christmas was awhile back, so it really didn’t make much sense to call it that any more.  Here we have 2 Fundays in both Ocean Blue and Black Magic, one Black Magic Ian Schwartz and one Warm Red Second Wave kit!  These all look sweet, in fact I will be riding the Warm Red kit next week! Can’t wait!

Warm Red Second Wave!


Here it is, the latest color added to our Second Wave line up!  Warm Red accompanies blue, grey and Black Magic this year.  The story behind this color is that when I was growing up Brian Blyther was the man.  Easily the most casul and smoothest rider during that time period.  Sort of like Mike Aitken today.  Oh sure tricks could be learned quickly, but to learn to ride like him takes a lifetime.  Well, Brian Blyther rode a warm red/coral red frame for most of his time.  With that, we went and did a Blyther infuenced colorway for the Second Waves this year.  Warm Red is now available along with the rest of the 2009 line.  More photos below!

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