Cory Foust going big!

Cory Foust looks to be very at home at House Park in this photo, but he’s currently taking the long route (via California) back to his home state of Pennsylvania.  His long trip has taken him to Dallas, Arizona, Mt Baldy and his current location of Woodward West.  If you’re on Instagram then follow their trip with the hashtag #westboundandup. This photo by Martyn Wetherfelt.

Bell Certified Slam Contest

Get ready for this one!  Woodward West is hosting the Bell Certified Slam Contest on March 23-24.  They’ve got some new ramps there so this will be a blast. For more info just follow this LINK.  Will there be a foam pit contest?

Gary Young update

Gary Young was picked to ride in this Mongoose contest at Woodward West from July 25th-27th.  He definitely has some rad teammates, so it’s going to be a treat to watch.  Actually, you’ll be able to live stream this event at this LINK.  This will be about the time Gary’s new 2013 line of complete bikes drops.  Check those out after the break.

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Jon Faure ouch!

Jon Faure went up to Woodward West this weekend to film a few things as well as ride the Mega Ramp on his Wave C.  Unfortunately, the Mega Ramp wasn’t into the idea and he landed like this.  He took a hard crash, but he is feeling better now.  It’s nice to know that at 47 years old, you can still take a fall.  Look for one of Jon’s videos entitled “How to Jump Mega Ramp When You Suck” videos soon.

Sun-Dazed at Woodward West

Last summer’s Sunday Week at Woodward West was a blast. Aaron Ross, Gary Young, Jake Seeley, Eric Lichtenberger, Lee Dennis and Jim Cielencki spent 7 glorious days riding the camp, bouncing on trampolines, jumping Mega Ramp, jumping in foam pits, drinking milkshakes and riding with all the rad campers. Such a good time that I think we are doing it again this summer. Already can’t wait for summer!

Aaron and Eric at Winter Camp

Both Aaron Ross and Eric Lichtenberger will be teaching at the Woodward West Winter Camp from Dec 26th-31st.  This is really cool because they’ll be some of the first people to ride the remodeled Hanger.  The pictures look insane!  If you’re going then you are very lucky, this will be a lot of fun.

Congratulations Jon Faure

Big congratulations goes out to Jon Faure for becoming the oldest person to jump the Mega Ramp.  Two days ago, he jumped the 50 foot jump at Woodward West on his Wave-C. Jon was 46 years and 352 days old when he jumped it.  He’s going to have one good birthday this year.

Check out Jon’s Wave C bike check right HERE.

Hill bombs for breakfast?

Lee Dennis is out at Woodward West right now and just so happen to film his ride down from the Lodge to camp.  This is such a fun ride, I couldn’t imagine doing this without brakes.  Enjoy!  Happy Fourth of July everyone!