Frame Pics!!!!

The samples with a bunch of color choices. It is great to make samples because you get to try colors you may never do. The 2nd from the end is a gray and if you can’t tell the rest, they go purple, red, green, gray and blue.

Headtube closeups with the TEMPORARY graphics. There are going to be temporary prototype graphics with the names of the riders handwritten in.

Another close up with the sample purple bars that match the frame, obviously. There are also going to be some purple forks lurking around real soon.

Well, I promised pictures and I delivered, only a few days late. This has been a dream of mine for so long, it is so surreal! I can remember talking ideas as far back as 1990 when Homeless was doing there thing. I was so inspired that I had everything drawn out, but no understanding of constructing a frame. Too many ideas, but no way to actually get one manufactured. At that time it seemed so possible to make it happen, everyone else could do it so why not some random kid from Buffalo, New York? But, it wasn’t until 15 years later that it has become a reality.

So far everything looks good to me, lets see how testing goes. Most of the guys should be on frames sometime within the next week, so be on the look out. As I said before, these aren’t as cookie cutter as people might think. I am going to wait until after interbike to explain the details. If you are going, then you get to talk with me about them otherwise you will have to wait until next week.