Sunday Frame updates!

Okay so here is my bike, yep I know it’s all purple!

Close up view of the headtube with integrated headset. The frames are only going to come with integrated headsets and removable gyro tabs. The headtubes are machined after welding to take care of any distortion in the headtube.

Here is the gusset that will help prevent your frame from cracking. This is in response to all the frames that don’t have gussets or have minimal ones like my old frame. I am not too sold on the idea of smaller tubing and no gussets for weight savings. Its lighter but how soon does it crack?

The internet has been calling for this one for awhile, so I guess this shows how much I am on the internet. Both the cable guide and the brake mounts are angled to allow for a straight pull of the brakes. What is ironic about this, is that I am the only one on the team that runs brakes, huh?

Seat tube junction area is much different from other bikes. Most companies pinch the end of the top tube where it meets the seat post tube. This weakens the top tube and tends to break especially during tailwhips. The frame allows the top tube to wrap around the seat post tube thus improving the side to side strength.

Close up view of the mid bottom bracket area. As with the headtube, the bb is machine again after welding to take care of any distortion in the bb shell. This is to allow your push/press fit bb to actually be push/press fit. Look closely and you can see the Wombolt cranks that I just put on.

Okay so what is going on with the dropouts here? If you have been on bikeguide you heard some speculation. And for once it was actually correct! The dropouts are 8mm wide, but are as light as a 5mm and have the twice the strength of a 6mm. How you ask? Because they are hollow, so they are light and strong. Now when those 3/16 dropouts bend, there is a new alternative to go to. Oh yeah there is a radius edged on them to prevent them from digging into rails and slowing you down!

This is the card that was hanging next to the frames at Interbike. Basically it summarizes all the features of the frames.