Eli Platt joins Sunday

Eli in Montreal gaping to icepick while Jeff Z shoots a good photo and I shoot a poor one!

Right now besides myself the team consists of Vinnie Sammon, Ian Schwartz, Mike Hoder and Karl Poynter. Well the Sunday team has grown a little bigger with the additon of Columbus’s Eli Platt. If you have seen any of the Shook videos then you will have seen Eli’s full length section in Winteractive. Remember up picnic table to whip and the last trick? Also, he has a photo doing an over grind on a square rail while also jumping over a chain in the Micreation trip article in the December issue of Ride BMX. So look for that in the next issue of Shook entitled “We are Everywhere” You can also see stuff from Ian Schwartz on that video and I might even have a clip or two. So now the team has 2 guys with brakes and 4 guys that don’t. Look out for another team rider announcement soon!!!!