On Halloween weekend I went to the Baco-A-Go-Go Jam at Mesh Skate Park, owned by Chad Degroot, in Longwood, Florida. The park was cool because it was sectioned off into two sides, a skate and BMX side. This was my first Baco event and I must say I was excited about going. My girlfriend was with me so it made it that much better. A lot went down throughout the weekend so I decided to give some highlights from each day just to make it simple.

Okay, the first day was Friday and it involved a mellow practice session to basically get a feel for the ramps. There were a lot of people riding, so it was hard to get a good line done. It was difficult, but I managed to pull a good line off (too complicated to explain in words, it involved some fakie stuff). Later that night Matt Coplon’s band played and some of the costumes started to come out. I didn’t know what to expect. Although I did not get to stay for the whole set, it was enjoyable.

Saturday was really interesting. The pro comp. and best trick was scheduled for this day. Pro qualifying went really well. There were nine heats and around forty pros. Each heat of around four riders had a ten minute jam-format. The same with the finals. Brian Kachinsky was riding really good along with Kevin Porter. Pretty much everyone was riding good. Jonah Linberg was doing a lot of really good tech things. I did a line first try that I was psyched on. After qualifying there were finals to the top ten. I made finals and was really excited about that. All the riders that were in the finals rode well. Then best trick started and it was complete chaos. People going all over the place, landing on top of each other, and pedaling full throttle at everything. A lot of crazy things went down. I didn’t even make an attempt of going out onto the ramps. It was one of those “had to be there” things.

The results for pro finals and best trick go like this:

1. Daniel Dhers
2. Mark Mulville
3. Jeremiah Jones

Best Trick
1. Anthony Cico – fakie wall-ride to tail-whip out on a flat wall into a quarter
2. Daniel Dhers – front-flip over the spin and 360 tail-whip fakie on a quarter

Sunday was the Am comp. There were a lot of riders doing good things. Props to all the am riders that were there. More things happened, but this is just the rough low-down of the whole weekend. Chad Degroot definitely put on an awesome contest and I’m looking forward to the next one.—–Karl Poynter