Frame Feature:
Angled Cable Guide and Brake Mounts!

One of the main ideas behind Sunday is to listen to what riders are demanding and this idea has been demanded for a long time. Both the cable guide and the brake mounts are angled to provide a straighter cable route which allows for better braking. The angles created by a lot of frames and certain brakes does not allow for the best braking potential. Even if your brakes have angles built in them, there still is an angle thus the loss of braking power. This is all very ironic because most of the team doesn’t ride brakes and I have been getting demands for brake mountless frames! Soon to come?

Overview of the angles on the cable guide and brake mounts. There are slight angles in the alignment, but imagine if traditional brake mounts and cable guides were used? Then there would be drastic angles in the alignment instead of the slight ones here.

Closeup of the angled cable guide. There is still enough room to have the barrel adjuster all the way out without interference from the top tube.

Closeup of angled brake mounts. It is difficult to really see how much the angle is, but note the distance to the seat stay between either end of the brakes.