Team Update and other news 5/4/06

First, let’s start with some product news. THE FRAMES WILL BE OUT IN THE US BETWEEN MAY 20TH AND 26TH! Just wanted to emphsize this. In other news, Padded Cell has become the new distributor for Sunday in the UK. So if your shop doesn’t have Sunday, tell them Padded Cell has it.

While it has been awhile since our last team up date, so let’s get started.

Vinnie Sammon is presently on the Red Bull Mean Streets 2 in California, teaming up with Edwin De Larosa from last year’s.

Ian Schwartz broke his wrist in New York City while on a trip with the guys from Dan’s Comp. Roller coaster grind gone way wrong, I think he is down to 5 weeks to go. Hopefully his electro-shock therapy gagetry thing that he uses to help heal his wrist doesn’t keep him up at night.

Eli holding Jeff Z’s focus card in Decatur Georgia, while Karl fakie hops to safety in the same county.

Eli Platt after doing a tailwhip down the big 4 in Atlanta is finishing up his final(?) quarter of college.

Speaking of finishing up school, Karl Poynter is doing the same thing, but with high school.

Mike Hoder got a job washing semi trucks on the other side of the state of Washington. This doesn’t sound too crazy, but when he commutes 5 hours to work it is. Luckily he only does it every so often. Will Mike have front brakes on his bike soon? Will he do the biggest 360 ever real soon, just maybe.

Jim Cielencki finished up the shop’s first video Hey Man Woo! Now if we can just get it out that would be awesome. The video’s release can only be blamed on the Buffalo Sabres, the more they play then the more it is delayed. The Sabres vs Senators should be good!!!!

In the UK, some rumors have been flying about Joe Cox riding for someone else, but the rumors got it mixed up because his brother got picked up. Mike Taylor won best trick at the most recent Battle Royale in Liverpool by doing a feeble to barspin on a round rail. Check out DFTU to see some photos. I think the next one is in Glasgow.

Christian Ziegler sent some photos of him from Germany along with an Morning Fork ad he is in. The photos are shot by Christoph Ebsen. He is getting married on May 12th, so congradulations to him and his new wife.