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Let’s start off with the fact that the frames have finally made their way into Europe. Bodo from Sport Import in Germany wrote me yesterday that part of the frame shipment has arrived. So, if you live in Germany, get your frames quck because the partial shipment won’t last long.

More ‘International’ news, Sunday Bikes and Ryder Distribution are proud to announce that trancontinental traveler, friend and Niagara Falls local Lee Dennis has joined the Canadian Sunday Bikes team. Lee has been tearing it up around the Niagara Falls area for awhile, he really seems like he can do what he wants on a bike. He stop by the shop last Wednesday to build up his frame then the next morning left for a month long trip out to Edmonton and BC. So if you see Lee on his trip then you will see the bike below.

In US team news, you can check Vinnie Sammon’s interview in the 95th issue(WOW!!) of Ride UK. Ride UK has been around for 95 issues—amazing! Also, check out UK team rider Mike Taylor’s feeble to barspin sequence in the Battle Royale article! So good! Karl Poynter has an interview on DEFGRIP, so go and check that out.

In my news, here is a picture of me fleeing the terrential rain storms in Buffalo as well as my ass! Oh and I deleted my myspace account, let’s see how long this last!

Photo Justin Faso