A little Update!

Everything has been really busy like usual! Let me start off this update with some current photos of the teams bikes. It looks like the team is really fond of the gray color because in the last update, I had one. There are two more here and I know that everyone else is riding the same color. Hopefully photos to prove it next update!

Vinnie is now riding this bike-

And Karl is riding this bike-

Ian Schwartz is on the last stage of recovering from his broken wrist! He has been off his bike for about 2.5 months and I imagine he is anxious to ride some of the new parts that I sent him. Has anyone seen the Dan’s commercial in the newest Props? The one where Ian does the fakie to tailwhip footplant on a wall?

In bad news, Germany rider Christian Ziegler recently broke his leg riding trails! It was bad enought that he has been in the hospital for over a week! He got out today and should be healed up in about 3 months! Get healthy soon Christian!

For me, my injury news is that I fell on a 540 where my shoe came off and I immediately stuck my now shoeless foot into the spokes of my front wheel. It sounds a lot worse than it was, but my feet have gone through a lot in the past 9 months, so they aren’t too happy.

Now in retro news, I had the honor of working on a bubble gum pink Hutch Trickstar at the shop yesterday. If you don’t know Hutch, well let me help you. This bike is from around 1986 and it was the bike to have back then. My two favorite colors were candy apple red and electric blue which incidently is what I modeled the color of my present bars after.(Check previous update) Mike Dominguez pretty much did a 900 on a bike like this and here I am happy just doing these tricks! The sunglasses are a joke just so you know!