Check out Dominik Wrobel’s bike along with his laundry! He is one of the few on the team who isn’t riding a gray Sunday frame. Also check out his website WoozyBMX.

Let’s see there is some other news, there is a limited quantity of Sunday frames with a 14.25″ rear end available. I have gotten requests for them, so they will be available real soon. Check the mailorders(Albes) and If you want your shop to have one then contact Sunday directly because they won’t be available through Blackout. Or just email ME and we will figure something out.

In team news, Ian Schwartz is so close to riding again! One week to go! But Mike Hoder hurt his hand trying to 180 out of a double wheel ride down a rail. He is waiting for the swelling to go down before getting it X-rayed. So wish him luck! Eli Platt is one month away from finishing his college degree! Vinnie Sammon was at the Brooklyn Banks filming a FuelTV commerical last time I talked with him. Karl Poynter has been doing what I have been doing working at his shop