Random news!

Let’s see what is happening in the Sunday world! Eli Platt’s first ever bike that isn’t a dark color can be seen below!

Ian Schwartz is still on the disabled list, he went to the doctor last week to get his cast off and start riding again, but his wrist isn’t healing fast enough. He has a removable splint, but has decided to hold out until the end of August so that it heals properly.
Mike Hoder has been on a tear lately, check out WoozyBMX to see a photo of what he has been doing. He “broke” his hand a week or so ago, but it feels pretty good as of late, but no big drop stuff yet.

I have been meaning to do this for a little bit, but I have asked people to send me some photos of their Sunday frames put together. If you have any photos of your Sunday frame together or you riding one then send them to me HERE!

Alex Prue
James Lucas
Grant Iwan
Ronald Shields
Jason Williams