Randomness update!

Last time I updated, I was enjoying Berlin’s riding spots by day and pasta by night. I’m a huge tourist and history buff, so here is a few ‘sights’ that I saw while in Germany. This is Neptune’s fountain right by the TV Tower, if I’ve ever had a favorite fountain this would be it. Here is a close up of Neptune. Oh and this is really cool too!

Little short on space so here is my abbreviated tour of Berlin: Berlin Wall marker path, Berlin Wall itself, the Brandenburg Gate, Bebel Platz, the Spree River, the Reichstag and a new modern art gallery that wasn’t even in my guide book. All in all Berlin is an amazing city that really caught me by surprise, I can’t wait to go back. If you want some stickers tell me the importance of most of these places, send your replies here.

Now to the random team stuff, Lee Dennis sent me this photo of his bike with prespun brake cable. Christian Ziegler did this to his wheel on a e-brake gap gone wrong. Karl Poynter is on The Come Up trip. Mike Hoder has a freecoaster and is healthy again, but Mike Taylor still isn’t, getting close though. Kurt Rasmusson is riding in the 909! Ian Schwartz is working on his frame graphics which will be available early next spring. Vinnie Sammon is testing some new bars. Joe Cox is Mr. Popular because so many people have been looking for his email lately. Look for a products update tomorrow!