Team News!

Mike Taylor has been recovering from knee surgery and doing physical therapy. This is his x-ray which he shot with his camera phone. According to the doctor Mike will be back on his bike in 4 months. In the meantime, Mike needs your help. Go to the DCEurope site and vote for the Mike and the UK team!

Ian Schwartz and Steven Savage have been in California filming for the Sunday video expected late this fall or early winter. They’ve been in LA and San Diego for most of the trip. In other Ian news look for his frame sometime around when the video comes out.

Vinnie Sammon
has been sick in New Jersey. I was out in NYC and didn’t even get a chance to see him because of it. His long awaited Skavenger video came out so look for that! Also, we’re potentially working on a Vinnie Bar, but we’re still figuring it out.

Karl Poynter was sweating and riding in Tallahassee, Florida last time I spoke with him. And Mike Hoder has been riding again after recovering from the 40 something stitches he received from a broken window a month ago. Hopefully all will be well with him

Kurt Rasmusson has a video top 5’s on BMXOnline. Stop by to see who and what made his cut.