Headtube comparison!

Wow, so now I know how to get a response from you guys. Just put something up that is different…just kidding guys! Sunday wouldn’t be Sunday if we didn’t do that, right? This is really good, I appreciate hearing from you guys just make it constructive which it mostly was.

I want to clarify something, this is just a prototype that we are testing. It won’t be available on frames unless its proven, okay! With that in mind, I want to show you a comparison of the headtube on my bike with a ‘shaved’ headtube. Notice how the original style looks like it hangs over wile the other style is less bulky looking. There is a definite defined step from the headtube to the fork while the ‘shaved’ has a smoother step.

What about a direct shot to the bearing? Well which is cheaper to replace, the bearing or a frame. If you dent your headtube there, it won’t ever be completely round again. So eliminating the part that will bend sounds logical, right? I understand there is a little personal preference here, but I just wanted to show the headtube styles together. As always please comment.