Team News!

No shaved head tube talk here just some team news. The flyer to the left is for the Red Bull Down and Dirty contest being held Nov 4th in Asbury Park, NJ. Vinnie Sammon, Karl Poynter, Ian Schwartz and myself are all going. The funny thing is we are all on separate teams, so come watch the Sunday team compete against itself. Weird! What else is weird, is that I have no idea what is going on at this contest. Find out in 2 weeks!

Karl Poynter has a bike check over at TheComeUp! Here is the another photo of his bike which I am pretty certain is taken at his shop.

The Sunday population of New Jersey has been on the rise lately. Vinnie Sammon already lives there, but Ian Schwartz and Mike Hoder have been there for 2 weeks visiting. Ian’s been staying with Vinnie until the Red Bull contest. Mike’s been riding, filming and causing trouble. What else is new right? Speaking of Vinnie, his new signature sprocket shown on the left is available from Animal!

Has anyone else on the east coast had the same beautiful weather Buffalo’s been having? It was 86 here early this month! I wasn’t here for it because I went down south to ride with Brian Osborne from Beloe Footwear and watch an Atlanta Thrashers game. I also was working on the photo on the right courtesy of Andrew White!