News Time!

Okay, so I enjoyed Thanksgiving a little to much which is why I haven’t updated the site lately. Here goes, Karl Poynter has an interview over at just click the previous interview link on the left and he has also has a Q and A thread on

This is a great picture of Ian Schwartz, we’ve all been there. This is from the tail end of an east coast trip we did in the freezing cold around the beginning of November. Up until this point, Ian was staying in New Jersey with Vinnie Sammon and Mike Brennan. He’s currently back home in Ohio looking for a warmer place to be, so chances are you will see him in Texas after the holidays.

I have been so busy lately, one of the things I have been doing is putting this whole in the side of my house. A couple friends helped me put a window in my kitchen or what will become my kitchen. I’ve eaten out pretty much every day for a month and I’m over it, so I need to get this done quick.

The big news around here is that my cat ran away in early November, but she returned last night. Don’t know how she survived the cold, but she was smart coming in last night because it is snowing in Buffalo today!