Sunday at the X Games?

Yeah really sounds weird, right? Well, Ian Schwartz got invited to the X Games. I know you are thinking, “Are you even allowed near the X Games course if you aren’t doing double tailwhips on every obstacle?” Don’t fret because he only got invited to the Dubai X Games going on right now. The X Games are trying out a “real” street type contest, there was one in Mexico City earlier this year and maybe one coming to the US next year. Not sure if it’s good or bad, I’m leaning towards I could care less.

The first time I looked at this photo of Kurt Rasmusson’s new Sunday Second Wave complete blue kit, I thought of that band Eiffel 65 and their song Blue (Da Ba Dee). The biggest difference between the bike and the song is….? You guessed it, the bike doesn’t suck! Actually the song is more funny then anything just I hate it when it gets stuck in my head.

Mike Taylor’s recovering nicely from knee surgery. Nice enough to have bought the motorcycle he’s sitting on in this photo. Hopefully he’ll be back riding by the beginning of next year.