Jim Cielencki Dig Cover!!!!!

Well, this was quite the surprise to see myself on the cover of Dig. To be on the cover of any magazine is amazing, but to be on a Dig cover is nothing more than an honor. The first time I saw Dig, I borrowed it from a friend along with a copy of Baco 6. At the time, riders were few and far between, the connections provided by the internet were still years away, bikes were twice the weight of today, but Dig provided me with a view on riding that was exactly at my level. They were able to connect people from all around the world who viewed the world on two wheels. It was like there was a BMX movement again, but it was there all along and Dig was the voice. Needless to say, I’m pretty damn stoked right now!

This photo was shot while I was on a trip to Berlin to film for the Odyssey Electronical video. It ended up being the last trick I did on the trip and it was somewhere in southwestern part of Berlin. Oh and Ricky Adam shot the photo and coincidently the first ever flash I broke just happened to be Ricky’s!