Unexpected Second Wave Review!

You live and learn, but good stuff will always comes out of bad. Enjoy this frame review….

I happened to stumble into Revolution Cycles in Seattle a few months ago looking to put my old setup on consignment for a new frame and some parts. The owner told me he had a Sunday complete he was building up for a floor model in the shop. Well, not really looking for a complete I reluctantly said ” sure, I’ll take a look at it.” I walked in the back and saw a wave 2 model in GRAY!! Rad color! I was pretty shocked since the Wave 2 wasn’t even available yet. So he said “pick it up!” I did and to my amazement it was light, really light. 22.5lbs with no TI and no ridiculous, mega machined parts, holes or slots in the frame. I was really impressed! So much so that I told the owner of the shop that I would trade my other complete (a built up Stricker… $1500.00 worth) and give him the difference in cash. Needless to say he went for it.

On to the review, the frame as I stated earlier is light. Its got all the bells and whistles that one would expect in a frame of this calliber. The built-in tensioners were an added suprise as well. The fit and finish of this bike is IMMACULATE!! Perfect welds, paint, and decals. The decals are super simplistic which is right up my alley! Great choice of color! I have had absolutely no problems with it. The minor adjustments Sunday did to this frame are a perfect example of how bike companies such as Sunday are pushing the envelope for our sport. EXCELLENT JOB JIM!! Wouldn’t change ANYTHING on this frame… tight all around. I’ve been riding for 8 or 9 years now and have always had the mindset that I would NEVER buy the same frame twice. I’ve had a frame from almost everyone, but I think i’ll stick with SUNDAY for a while. Well until someone makes a frame out of diamonds and leather anyway! HA HA. When this frame comes out…. EAT IT UP KIDS!! You won’t be sorry! Gaurenteed! Thanks again Jim for continuing to contribute great things to our sport.

Nick 25 Seattle